Build with Tally & Governor

Tally is a plug-and-play UI and API for standard DAO governance contracts

Launching on Tally

Why Governor?

Governor is the DAO standard. The Governor contract is battle-tested, audited and trusted by DAOs like ENS, Uniswap and Compound. Supported by OpenZeppelin, it’s modular, composable and extensible.

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How to deploy a Governor contract

Get started quickly with OpenZeppelin’s contract wizard, or customize it yourself with new or existing extensions.

Deploying a Governor contract

Ready to add your Governor DAO to Tally?

Once you’ve deployed your contracts, adding your DAO to Tally takes only a few minutes.

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Tally API

Want a custom interface?

With the Tally API, you have easy access to onchain DAO data available to build directly into your product.

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