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Developer docs

Learn how to deploy Tally-compatible DAO smart contracts

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# Download the latest latest published release of the OpenZeppelin Contracts library

npm install @openzeppelin/contracts

Knowledge base

Everything about the Tally platform

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Tally API

Tally's API makes it easy to integrate with onchain DAOs

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How to delegate

Delegate your voting power to yourself or others


Griff Green

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I love ENS. I even made an ENS How to guide back in the day with Crypt0snews back…

Creating proposals

Get paid, change parameters, mint tokens. Using Tally's no-code proposal creator


List your DAO on Tally

Starting a club or runing a billion dollar protocol? Get on Tally fast.



Deploy an NFT style DAO

A step by step guide to get your own NFT DAO

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